Frequently asked questions

Nothing will play.

Go to the main home screen and run Speedtest. If it says 'No Network Connection', you are not connected to the internet. Go to Settings and connect.

Live TV is buffering

Do a Speedtest and make sure you have at least 15-25 download speed. This is the minimum for HD live streaming. Movies and Shows can run on as low as 2-5 speed.

We can’t find a Movie, TV Show, or Sporting Event.

VIA Stream doesn’t control content and only allows the user to access content that is available from 3rd party add-ons.

Do I need to update?

All add-ons will notify you when there is a new update when opening them.

Will I get to watch anything I want?

VIA Stream doesn’t guarantee content. If its available on the internet and most thing are, then normally, the add-ons will find it.


If you still have questions or need additional help, please contact your local sales rep or send us an email below.

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